Kellogg Alumni Council

What We Do

The Kellogg Alumni Council facilitates global connections across the Kellogg alumni community

The purpose of the Kellogg Alumni Council (KAC) is to serve as strategic partners and leaders in catalyzing our global alumni community, a network that vitally connects alumni to one another and the school throughout their lifetime.


KAC members are champions and ambassadors of Kellogg who strengthen and enrich our network. They dedicate valuable time to:

  • Guiding and influencing the alumni engagement strategy by providing direction, feedback and critical resources
  • Creating strong networks in partnership with the school and fellow alumni leaders
  • Fostering a deep sense of affiliation and pride among alumni
  • Helping build Kellogg's presence and reputation worldwide by serving as key extensions of the school

KAC Chair

Catherine Briggs '94
Independent Marketing and Fundraising Consultant

KAC Vice-Chair

Chip Bailey '87
Executive Vice President, Head of Client Portfolio Management, NWQ Investment Management Co., LLC

Members of the Kellogg Alumni Council



  • Eric Acher
    (Two-Year Program, 1995)
    Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Monashees Capital
  • Carolyn Amato
    (Executive MBA Program, 2006)
    Vice President, Neuromodulation, Boston Scientific Corporation
  • B

  • Chip Bailey (Vice-Chair)
    (Two-Year Program, 1987)
    Executive Vice President, Head of Client Portfolio Management, NWQ Investment Management Co., LLC
  • James Beckemeyer
    (Two-Year Program, 1995)
    Director, Delivery Systems Planning, Kaiser Permanente
  • Sarah Berghorst
    (Two-Year Program, 2010)
    Executive Director, OneGoal
  • Carlos Botelho
    (One-Year Program, 1999)
    Founder, Limiar Capital
  • Catherine Briggs (Chair)
    (Two-Year Program, 1994)
    Independent Marketing and Fundraising Consultant
  • C

  • Gillray Cadet
    (Two-Year Program, 2006)
    CEO, Murjan Capital Limited
  • Esther Choy
    (Two-Year Program, 2009)
    Founder & President, Leadership Story Lab
  • D

  • Uzair Dada
    (Two-Year Program, 1994)
    CEO, Iron Horse Interactive
  • Natasha Deckmann
    (Two-Year Program, 2003)
    CEO, CarePoint Health
  • E

  • Kyle Emmons
    (Two-Year Program, 2012)
    Managing Partner, Motte Partners
  • F-J


  • Shaun Finnie
    (Two-Year Program, 1995)
    Senior Managing Director, Evercore Partners
  • G

  • Ang Gao
    (Two-Year Program, 1999)
    Managing Member, Quintestellar Capital Management
  • Barb Golub
    (Two-Year Program, 1987)
    Founder, Next Steps 4U
  • Andrea Gouw
    (Two-Year Program, 2007)
    Director, Category Management, eBay Inc.
  • George Graffy
    (One-Year Program, 1989)
    President, Smart Circle International LLC
  • H

  • Katy Hansell
    (Two-Year Program, 1989)
    Executive, Career, Life Coach,
  • Nadia Hewett
    (Executive MBA, 2016)
    Lead for Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology Projects, World Economic Forum
  • I

  • J

  • Sarah Jaffe
    (Two-Year Program, 1993)
    Principal, Columbus Strategies
  • Matt James
    (Two-Year Program, 2008)
    COO, Hickory Farms
  • K-O


  • Darpan Kapadia
    (Two-Year Program, 2000)
    COO, LS Power Group
  • Christina Kramlich
    (Two-Year Program, 1998)
    Director, Parkside Advisors LLC
  • L

  • Carlos Leon
    (Two-Year Program, 1994)
    Vice Chairman of the Board, Centro Financiero BHD Leon
  • Brian F. Lessig
    (Two-Year Program, 1999)
    Managing Director, Rockefeller Capital Management
  • Kerri Lin
    (One-Year Program, 2011)
    President, KHL Consulting Services
  • Bea Luna
    (Executive MBA Program, 2011)
    Executive Director, Morgan Stanley Smith
  • M

  • Louis C. Madge
    (Executive MBA Program, 2007)
    President, M & H Group, Inc.
  • Cynthia Meng
    (Two-Year Program, 1998)
    Founder and Managing Partner, Credence Investment Holding
  • N


  • Vic O'Brien
    (Two-Year Program, 1987)
    Principal, Navistrate, LLC
  • Sean O'Scannlain
    (Two-Year Program, 1990)
    President & CEO, Fortune Fish and Gourmet
  • P-T


  • Federico Papa
    (Two-Year Program, 2000)
    Vice President & Deputy Treasurer, American Tower
  • Shontra Powell
    (Executive MBA, 2016)
    Vice President Technology Portfolio Management and Business Integration, Hertz Corporation
  • Q

  • R

  • Jimmy Rojas
    (Two-Year Program, 2005)
    Structure Finance & Investments, Fluidity
  • Lori Roth
    (Two-Year Program, 1990)
    Senior Managing Director, Ashley Capital
  • S

  • Steve Schiffman
    (Two-Year Program, 1989)
    CEO, High Growth Companies
  • David Schnadig
    (Two-Year Program, 1990)
    Managing Partner, Cortec Group
  • Elizabeth Pattara Schuster
    (Executive MBA, 2010)
    President, Regina Dominican High School
  • Sanjay Shroff
    (Two-Year Program, 1985)
    Founder & Director, Bangalore Paints Limited
  • Susie Silver
    (Two-Year Program, 1994)
    President, Argentum Strategy Group
  • T

  • U-Z


  • V

  • Noga Villalon
    (Two-Year Program, 1987)
    Former President & Board Member Non-Profit, Morgan Stanley
  • W

  • Tanya Walker
    (Two-Year Program, 2013)
    Senior Manager, Brand Experience, Global Custom Commerce
  • X

  • Y

  • John Yen
    (MMM Program, 1997)
    VP/GM, Videojet Technologies
  • Z

    Pete Henderson Society Partners

  • Gerald Cohen
    (Two-Year Program, 1979)
    Managing Director, SSG Development LLC and SF Properties, Inc.
  • Laura Hollister
    (Two-Year Program, 2000)
    Manager, Bain Company
  • Jim Palos
    (Two-Year Program, 1989)
    President, Hyde Park Institute
  • David Spitulnik
    (Two-Year Program, 1980)
    Managing Partner, Spitulnik Advisors
  • Gerron Vartan
    (One-Year Program, 1967)
    President/CEO, AEGIS Partners, Inc.
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