Our learning approach

Intellectually stimulating. Intrinsically practical.

We believe that learning is a process, not a one-time event. That’s why we place so much emphasis on collaboration and peer interaction in our programs. We believe that participants can learn as much from each other as they do in the classroom, and create an immersive experience that incorporates both structured and informal learning opportunities.

In our unique learning environments, each Kellogg Executive Education program is taught by a select group of senior faculty led by an academic director and program manager. All members of the academic team focus attention to how the individual components of a program’s content build on and relate to one another to achieve the overall program objective and learning goals.

Our dynamic mix of teaching methods and styles, designed specifically for Executive Education, ensures a rigorous, collaborative and immediately impactful experience. This includes workshops, lectures, study groups, and topic tables at meals. Casework, simulations and live consulting projects challenge participants to make the connections between academic theory and real world practice. We support all of this with technological tools for synchronous and asynchronous learning before, during and after programs.

The process doesn’t stop when participants return to their workplaces. We work with organizations to ensure a continuum of learning experiences for ongoing executive and organizational development.

Program Consultation

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