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Advanced Fundraising: Accelerating your Development Strategy

Now more than ever, nonprofit organizations need their development strategies to be well structured, creative and data-driven. Nonprofit organizations not only need an understanding of the donor market, stakeholders and fundraising strategy, but also a strong infrastructure to drive fundraising decisions. Learn how to assess your current fundraising systems, communicate your philanthropic value and leverage data for strategic fundraising. Certified Fund Raising Executive Credential – 14 Points in category 1.B

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Building Leadership Capacity: Foundations for Strong Schools

Develop tools to increase the leadership and organizational capacity at your school. Join Kellogg and Northwestern faculty who will share best practice leadership and management strategies in a school environment. Participants will learn how to instill critical leadership attributes in an increasingly complex environment, practices for developing a team that can help to achieve the vision and mission of your school, and how to implement sustainable frameworks for ongoing organizational success.

Building Organizational Effectiveness: Strengthening Your Nonprofit

Designed for the frontline leaders of nonprofits, especially those in multi-functional roles, this highly interactive program provides a foundation for organizational and management topics. You gain practical knowledge and insight regarding operational effectiveness and the organizational structure which best suits the internal efficacies, by engaging with faculty experts and your peers.

Courageous Leadership: Becoming a Transformational Leader

Will the leaders of today be able to prepare their organizations to meet the social and leadership challenges of a world in transition? This program is designed for leaders looking to reinvigorate creative skills and seeking best practices for transformational thinking, whether it is through embracing design thinking, practicing focused leadership and/or implementing innovative leadership strategies. Certified Fund Raising Executive Credential – 14 Points in category 1.B

Developing High Performing People

Explore how strong leaders develop and retain high-performing people committed to their organizations' missions. In a self-managed world, how do leaders empower employees, build trust and give feedback? Learn how to motivate and energize people to achieve greater individual and collective success.Certified Fund Raising Executive Credential – 14 Points in category 1.B

Effective Nonprofit Governance

This one-day retreat-style program, specially designed to fit your schedule, explores the relationships amongst and the best practices for the executive-level nonprofit leaders and for the board members serving these nonprofits.

Faith & Leadership Week

This cutting-edge, non-denominational program offers faith leaders the rare opportunity to learn — and practice — the leadership and management skills they need to address the myriad of challenges facing the faith-based organizations they serve today.

Financial Tools for Strengthening Your Organization

This program will help senior nonprofit executives gain a deeper understanding of the intersection of financial management and organizational mission. Participants will have an opportunity to better understand how long-term financial plans are developed and evaluated. This program will also look at the nonprofit’s capital structure, capital budgeting practices, and the investment of organizational assets. Certified Fund Raising Executive Credential – 14 Points in category 1.B

Fundraising & Marketing: Building Nonprofit Capacity

This program is designed to encourage the psychology and thought processes that drive consistent, creative and effective fund generation techniques for all scales and types of nonprofit organizations. The participants will work collaboratively to thoughtfully assess their own fundraising practices and discover which techniques work best. Certified Fund Raising Executive Credential – 21 Points in category 1.B

Fundraising for School Leaders

For principals, development officers and other education-based leaders charged with school fundraising, this practical program offers a mix of strategic positioning and marketing paired with practical and proven approaches to creating dynamic development plans to enhance your annual fundraising efforts. Certified Fund Raising Executive Credential – 14 Points in category 1.B

Leadership and Management in Core Facilities

This hands-on exploration of the unique challenges of leading a university core facility or research hospital will enhance your business and management skills and give you practical experience in applying them to a project specific to your organization.

Leading Innovation in Nonprofits

The word "innovation" elicits images of high-tech contraptions and digitized everything. However, innovation is also about organizational design, creative & blended processes and exploring new applications of existing systems. This program will focus on how leaders infuse and sustain an innovation mindset into their organizations.

Leadership Strategies for Successful Schools

Learn an array of strategies that will take your personal leadership to the next level in your school environment. Topics such as generating better ideas, strategic leadership communications and effective motivation strategies empower participants to walk away with actionable plans to maximize their leadership impact across students, staff and communities.

Major Gift Solicitation Strategies

This highly interactive learning experience explores the essentials of designing and leading a successful major gift fundraising strategy and how to apply the science of persuasion and the art of storytelling as part of your major gift solicitation efforts. Certified Fund Raising Executive Credential – 14 Points in category 1.B

Measuring Your Mission: Quantifying Social Outcomes

In a resource-constrained social sector environment where metrics are becoming increasingly important leaders often ask the questions – How and what do we measure to communicate success? And Will technology make it easier? This program is designed to explore these questions in the context of improving outcomes measurement in nonprofit, public sector and for-profit social impact organizations. Certified Fund Raising Executive Credential – 14 Points in category 1.B

Nonprofit Finance: Toolkit for Leaders

Deepen your knowledge of nonprofit finance and broaden your understanding of your organization's financial picture. Improve your ability to analyze financial statements, spot trends, identify cost containment opportunities and foresee the implications of your financial management decisions. Certified Fund Raising Executive Credential – 14 Points in category 1.B

Step Into Impact

Learn how to drive impact by applying your private sector skills to the nonprofit world. This program will help leaders looking to make a career change or deepen their understanding of social impact.

Strategic Leadership: Leading the Self

This program focuses on new ways to think strategically about one's own leadership style, issues and challenges. Participants will also look at how to maximize your own performance while engaging and inspiring others by communicating a sense of purpose, value and vision. Certified Fund Raising Executive Credential – 14 Points in category 1.B

Strategies for Nonprofit Human Capital Design

As a leader on the cusp of a continuously changing workforce, you, too, need to rethink your nonprofit human capital recruitment strategy. This program is designed to focus on the capabilities, skills and insights you need for to understand how to design jobs that fit your organization, recruiting the right candidates and hiring a diverse and effective workforce.

Strengthening Your Mission: Building Your Brand

As a nonprofit leader when you define your mission to the board members, donors and other stakeholders, you are defining your brand. This program will engage nonprofit leaders to actively think about their mission in the context of the frameworks of brand strategy. Certified Fund Raising Executive Credential – 14 Points in category 1.B

The Competitive Nonprofit: Strategizing to Stay Ahead

Assess your organization's competitive positioning in the nonprofit sector and learn how to create and sustain a competitive advantage in this program. You'll focus on three key components of nonprofit organizational success: market strategy, competitive analysis and implementation.

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