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Kellogg Public-Private Interface (KPPI)


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January 26, 2019 | 10:00 AM
Kellogg Global Hub

January 28, 2019 | 12:15 PM
Kellogg Global Hub, 1130

Public-Private Interface (KPPI)

At the Intersection of Business and Policy

Explore the Initiative's focus areas: Business, Government & Society | Health | Policy | Social Impact

Kellogg Public-Private Interface works to identify, understand, and impact the larger issues in which business operates and leaders navigate.

We engage economic, financial, and healthcare institutions; inform policy with groundbreaking research; proactively convene conversations across business, government, and society; and teach and model skills leading to real social impact.

Affiliated Research: Ford Motor Company Center for Global Citizenship | Healthcare at Kellogg (HCAK) | Nonprofit Management | Policy and Public Impact | Social Impact


The Social Impact Pathway

Take courses in policy, nonprofit management, and social impact", then under "Learn More" link it to the Social Impact Pathway.


Which country has the best healthcare?

Why experts rate Switzerland’s national health care system the best.
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Decision Making in a Broken Political System" featuring Robert Rubin

Robert Rubin and Diane Whitmore Schanzenbach discuss challenges facing America, decision making, and working in the public versus the private sector.
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Announcing the 2017 Moskowitz Prize Winner for Sustainable and Responsible Investing

Prof. Dylan Minor among honorees
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The Republicans' Uncertainity Strategy

Craig Garthwaite on the healthcare bill in the Senate.
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Cautious Optimism and Daunting Complexity

Speakers and panelists explore how lessons from the past can inform the future at the 34th annual MacEachern Symposium
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Insight Industry Q&A with Megan Kashner and Shannon Schuyler

Megan Kashner discusses how companies are keeping their companies focused on social impact.
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Ben Harris in the Wall Street Journal

Article by Visiting Professor Ben Harris, "Why the Cost of Buying and Selling a Home Remains High–and What We Can Do About It"
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Bitcoin Beware: The Empire May Strike Back

Bitcoin’s value skyrocketed over the last four years, but there are prominent critiques of digital currencies.
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Kellogg Public-Private Interface News

Five Top Ideas About Aging from The Experts in 2018
Benjamin Harris, The Wall Street Journal, January 04, 2019
Big Pharma Raises Prescription Prices, Undercutting Trump's Presidential Pledge
Craig Garthwaite, “The Takeaway” Podcast, January 03, 2019
Government Shutdown Lessons For The China Trade War
Philip Levy, Forbes, January 03, 2019
The Trade Year in Review – Deals
Philip Levy, Forbes, December 31, 2018
Trade Year in Review - The Emergence of Tariff Man
Philip Levy, Forbes, December 30, 2018

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