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Established in 1966, the Leon Recanati Graduate School of Business Administration is the largest business school in Israel and a global leader in academic excellence. Positioned at the center of Tel Aviv’s flourishing startup scene, the school boasts rich expertise in entrepreneurship, technology and the venture capital industry.

Recanati first partnered with the Kellogg School in 1996. It draws students from across the Middle East, Asia, Europe and the United States to study global and regional managerial issues, particularly in the context of Israel’s top industries and entrepreneurial growth.

Sample global electives offered at Recanati:

Venture Capital serves as an introduction to the venture capital industry. Students will develop foundational knowledge of VC players and their roles, best practices in the industry and the lifecycle of investment decisions.

In Product Management for Technology Companies, students will use frameworks, tools and direct experience to become effective technology product managers. Topics covered are relevant to both entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs working within established technology companies.

Risk Management introduces a holistic framework for identifying, quantifying and managing risks faced by organizations. Students will learn concepts, methodologies and best practices of risk management; the vocabulary and principles of risk experts; issues related to the application of risk management; and how to employ risk management as a means of competitive advantage.

Intellectual Capital Management explores intellectual capital as a source of competitive advantage, this course adopts a lifecycle approach to proactively managing intellectual assets. Students will examine the creation of intellectual assets, codification of assets in the form of intellectual property, valuation of intellectual assets and strategies for achieving sustainable competitive advantage.

Management in a Data Driven Business Environment focuses on utilizing big data technologies for predictive analytics, managing your company in the social sphere, and cyber security. Information technologies (IT) are fast changing the business, and insightful executives of leading companies across the world are increasingly leveraging IT to create value and win competitive advantage. As forward-thinking chief executives of tomorrow’s businesses, it is essential that you develop an understanding of these trends and the ability to analyze the strategic and economic aspects of leveraging IT for efficiency, innovation and corporate transformation.

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