Transform personally and professionally

Traditional students complete a rigorous core curriculum tailored for working professionals, one that emphasizes general management, because we believe well-rounded managers make better leaders. When you understand how each part of an organization contributes to the success of the whole, you can bring out the very best in your organization.

Once you complete the nine core courses, you have the flexibility to choose from advanced electives that align with your professional goals and allow you to explore a range of industries and professions.

Benefits of the Traditional MBA:

  • Round out your management skills and prepare for advanced study.
  • Test and explore different industries and functions.
  • No prerequisite courses are required before enrolling.
  • Choose between the Evening MBA Program and Weekend MBA Program.
  • Take up to four classes per quarter.

student perspectives

“I wanted more than a degree. I wanted the experience of earning it, a program that would push me to excel much like the military had.”

 — randy schenck, traditional pace

Setting your pace: Two options for study

Accelerated Traditional
Courses required prior to enrollment
At least three of the following four: economics, marketing, operations, statistics
Program options
Choose between the Evening Program and Weekend Program
Choose between the Evening Program and Weekend Program
Time to finish
Evening: 1-4 years (average time: 2 years*)
Weekend: 1.5-4 years (average time: 2 years*)
Evening: 1.5-4 years (average time: 3 years*)
Weekend: 2-5 years (average time: 3 years*)
Credits to graduate
Courses per quarter**

*Calculated by subtracting first term start date from last term end date and dividing by 30. Includes all AY2014 Evening & Weekend MBA graduates.

**The duration of your program depends on the number of courses you take per quarter. You have the flexibility to determine your own course load and may take quarters off if necessary. Weekend students may choose to take Evening classes if their schedules permit in order to complete their degree faster.

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